Volume 5, Issue 1, April 1 2009

Mystery, Misery and Mysterium

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Duck Watch: Preface  pdf version
Poems, Poet, Detective, Trickster -- John Presley  pdf version
Reading Between the Crimes: Reflections on a Genre -- Frank Kersnowski pdf version
The Fandango of Harriet and Annie in Sayers’ Gaudy Night  -- Mary Lynne Gasaway Hill pdf version
Deception and Detection: The Trickster Archetype in the film, The Big Lebowski, and its Cult Following -- William A. Ashton and Barbara Ashton pdf version

Interview with Rick Riordan -- Lyn Belisle

pdf version
Hennig Mankell’s Use of Trickster-Loki Characters -- Rosie Cutting pdf version

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