Welcome to Trickster's Way1 -- an online journal dedicated to trickster research.  It is a peer-reviewed publication which seeks to extend the scholarship about the trickster figure to its interdisciplinary and intellectual limits. Trickster, of course, will resist such cultural ambitions, but this journal and the essays it publishes will try to respect the delicate balance between fixing trickster and killing trickster. We wish to keep him/her alive and well and living in the shadow of all our hearts.


C. W. Spinks
Editor and Publisher

9211 Old Gardner Circle
San Antonio, TX 78230
off: 210-344-7472

Look, look, there is Trickster. There he is walking about

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1 In 1996, Mark Van Sciver wrote and copyrighted a story entitled "The Trickster's Way", and he has graciously allowed me to use that phrase for the title of this journal.  I thank him for his generosity, and I hope this journal pleases him and his hopes for that story.