I wish to think Mooreworks for the server space and access to a content management system to run the jounral.  It is a mojo portal and much easier than the Windows frames I had used before
I wish to thank Trinity University for the resources and the time to develop and publish this online journal, and my colleagues at Trinity who have encouraged me to follow my own intellectual path.


I wish to thank the members of my editorial board who have unselfishly, and sometimes with great trust, been willing to serve, to read, critique, and suggest.  Without them this would be just another webpage, and the community of scholars would be very much poorer.


I would like to thank Mark Van Sciver, who wrote and copyrighted a story in 1998 entitled "The Trickster's Way", for graciously allowing me to use that phrase for the title of this journal. 


I would like to thank Anne Kibbey, Editor of Genders, who has counseled me, guided me, advised me and coached me on the possibilities and adventures of online publishing. She has fed me templates, made suggestions, and helped me in innumerable ways.


I wish to thank Timothy Wegner, Jonathan Osuch, George Martin, and Robin Bussell, the authors of FRACINT (Version 20.0 copyrighted 1990-1999 by The Stone Soup Group), a fractal generation program which allowed me, with less than high visual skills, to develop the covers that I have used for this journal. I can only assume the name of their company shows that their program was one of Trickster's gifts.


Lastly, I wish to thank Trickster for the joyous ride this project is turning out to be.


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