We welcome essays, art, fiction or poetry that considers the role and function of the trickster figure in relation to concerns that are semiotic, religious, mythic, literary, anthropological, psychological, social, political, ethnic, racial, economic, rhetorical, legal, cultural, or aesthetic in nature. This is, of course, because Trickster's bag reflects his appetite and the objects of her interests; so it is natural the territory would be large.)

We are especially interested in:


  • Essays that articulate the ways in which trickster has been used and manipulated to create, sustain, critique, or protect particular cultural narratives and values.
  • Semiotic, ethnographical, and cross-cultural approaches to the uses of the trickster figure.
  • Essays with an innovative theoretical dimension, insightful synthesis of cultural differences and similarities, or driven by the ambivalent qualities of trickster.
  • Discussions of particular works of art or literature, music or film, video or photography, narrative or performance that address a cultural or social issue involving some aspects of the trickster figure.
  • Art work, poetry, and fiction concerned with the trickster figure in any of its myriad forms and incarnations if it is accompanied by some prefatory material commenting up the artist's use of trickster in the work.



We require first rights to any manuscript that we consider and first publication of any materials we accept. Once accepted and published, the author may publish elsewhere as long as this journal and its URL are appropriately referenced. Letters of permission will be granted by the publisher for scholarly publications.

For initial review, materials should be submitted in either hard copy or electronic copy.   If sent on disk, please use 3.5" floppies in Word or WordPerfect (PC preferred) and include hard  copy as well. Electronic submission by email attachment (in Word or WordPerfect) is preferred, but before any essay can be published, it must be supported by HARD COPY submissions and the Copyright Agreement.

The maximum length for the text of an essay is 25 pages of double space text (approximately 6,500 words), with 1" margins and paginated without headers or footers.
For poetry, submissions should be limited to a total of 200 lines (but if there is a special concern about length, please contact the editor.)

Photocopies of illustrations are sufficient for initial review, but final copies will require scannable materials and permissions for any non-original illustrations.

Notes and Cited Works should be placed at the end of the essay, preferably as a separate file, and internal references should follow the APA format.

All materials submitted must be in English for review, but quotations in languages other than English must be accompanied by translations.

Be sure the essay title also appears at the top of page on of your essay, but do not use last name headers or footers.

You are welcome to write a letter to the editor about yourself, your background or the essay itself and to indicate whether or not you would like your email address listed with your materials.

Send submissions (electronic copy and hard copy) to:

C. W. Spinks, Executive Editor
Trickster's Way
Department of English
Trinity University
One Trinity Place
San Antonio, TX 78212-7200

Questions or inquiries about submissions? Contact the editor (cspinks at trinity.edu)



We will immediately acknowledge receipt of your submission, and all submissions will be read. If we do not send your materials out to reviewers, we will return the copies to you immediately if you enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Materials considered for publication are sent to board members for comment and a decision is made after the comments are received. Your name is not included on the manuscript in this process. The whole review process usually takes about three months.

We may ask for revisions based on the board's comments. If we do, we will give you a final decision on the revised materials as soon as you return it to us.

If the materials are accepted, please print out and fill in the Copyright Agreement and   include any other information about how we can contact you, such as alternate addresses or e-mail addresses if you are to be at different or changing locations.

If your manuscript is accepted for publication, we will do all the coding that is needed to publish your essay on the web. You supply us with an edited disk version of your essayn (or an email attachment) in Word or WordPerfect, and we do the rest.

Trickster's Way is a peer-reviewed academic journal.

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