Trickster's Way

Call for Papers


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C. W. Spinks, Editor and Publisher
Dept. of English, Trinity University
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is an online journal dedicated to trickster research. It is a peer-reviewed publication which seeks to extend the scholarship about the trickster figure to its interdisciplinary and intellectual limits.

Trickster, of course, will resist such cultural ambitions, but this journal and the essays it publishes will try to respect the delicate balance between fixing trickster and killing trickster. We wish to keep him/her alive and well and living in the shadow of all our hearts.

We welcome essays, poetry, and art that consider the role and function of the trickster figure in relation to concerns that are semiotic, religious, mythic, literary, anthropological, psychological, social, political, ethnic, racial, economic, rhetorical, legal, cultural, or aesthetic in nature. This is, of course, because Trickster's bag reflects his appetite and the objects of her interests; so it is natural the territory would be large.

We are especially interested in:

Essays that articulate the ways in which trickster has been used and manipulated to create, sustain, or protect particular cultural narratives and values.
Semiotic, ethnographic, and cross-cultural approaches to the uses of the trickster figure.
Essays with an innovative theoretical dimension, insightful synthesis of cultural differences and similarities, or driven by the ambivalent qualities of trickster.
Discussions of particular works of art or literature, music or film, video or photography, narrative or performance that address a cultural or social issue involving some aspects of the trickster figure.


1 In 1996, Mark Van Sciver wrote and copyrighted a story entitled "The Trickster's Way", and he has graciously allowed me to use that phrase for the title of this journal.