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    Research | News Designs | Cautionary Note

    Redesigning News Into Hypertext     During the fall 1998 semester, students enrolled in Media Writing: Reporting on/for the Internet ventured into a relatively unknown design territory by taking traditional news narratives and reworking them into hypertexts. Explore the original news articles and the redesigned hypertexts of each student below.

    Stem cell research
    Washington Post | Hypertext
    Vynarak Xykao explains
    Puppet violence
    The Onion | Hypertext
    John Burwell explains
    Graffiti art
    Indy artist | Hypertext
    Nicholas Yeager explains
    Catholic protest TV
    Boston Globe | Hypertext
    Pam Hostenske explains
    Peacemaker award
    Irish Independent | Hypertext
    Scott Gordon explains
    Popularity of yoga
    USA Weekend | Hypertext
    Denise Drake explains
    NBA lockout
    Chicago Tribune | Hypertext
    Angela Barrese explains
    Iraq conflict
    abc news | Hypertext
    David Prager explains
    Honduras hurricane
    New York Times | Hypertext
    Matthew Boerger explains
    White House relief
    New York Times | Hypertext
    Aaron Domingue explains
    Jack Nicklaus
    ESPN | Hypertext
    Neil Gray explains
    Iraq conflict
    Houston Chronicle | Hypertext
    Chris Muras explains
    Jesse Ventura election
    Newsweek | Hypertext
    Ryan Stern explains
    NBA lockout
    Excite | Hypertext
    Suzanne Mammen explains

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