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  • COMM 2125-Web Publishing
    Dr. Robert Huesca

    Professor Huesca in class.     Course Description. This course combines design, production, implementation, and management of communication on the World Wide Web. Specifically, students in this class will plan and build a series of Web pages for the Department of Communication. Special attention will be given to the use of this new communication technology to be responsive to a diverse range of constituents: faculty, staff, students, outside visitors. Satisfactory completion of the course will give students conceptual (hypermedia, interactivity, nonlinearity) and practical skills (page design, HTML experience) that are highly desirable in today's communication marketplace.
        This course will give you 1 hour of Communication elective credit and can only be taken on a pass/fail basis. Since this is primarily a lab-type course, the emphasis will be on hands-on experience.

    Required Text
  • (1996). Creating web pages simplified. Foster City, CA: IDG Books. ISBN 0-7645-6007-7. List price $24.99.
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        In order to receive credit in this course you must:
    1. Have no more than 1 absence during the semester
    2. Satisfactorily complete a personal homepage by deadline
    3. Satisfactorily complete a faculty homepage by deadline
    4. Satisfactorily complete at least three supplemental faculty web pages by deadline

    A brief description of each assignment is included below. In-depth descriptions of the assignment requirements will be given later in the semester.

    1. Personal Homepage. This is a very simple exercise demonstrating minimal HTML competencies and ability to use scanner and digital camera.
    2. Faculty Homepage. Students will work in pairs as consultants to Department of Communication faculty members. Each pair will be responsible for building a faculty member homepage.
    3. Supplemental Web Pages. Supplemental web pages will vary depending on each faculty members' desires. They might include syllabi, descriptions of research, special projects, or special interest pages.

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        Policies are as follows.

    1. Attendance (read carefully). Since this class meets less than once a week, it is imperative that you not miss any assigned classes. It is your responsibility to follow the syllabus throughout the semester and make sure you know which days we are meeting as groups and which days we are meeting as an entire class. Though the syllabus notes meeting days, these dates are tentative and are subject to change with only a few days notice. You will be notified by e-mail when changes have been made. Official university absences are the only exception to this policy, but students need to notify the instructor of them prior to absences.
    2. Web Pages. All asigned web pages will be loaded on to the Department of Communication web server--which you will learn about in this class.
    3. Storyboards. On days when you are to have storyboards due, a copy must be brought to class to be turned in.
    4. Academic Integrity. Students are expected to be familiar with the definitions of academic integrity outlined on pages 1 and 2 of the Student handbook, particularly the section on plagiarism. Any violations of academic integrity will be delt with as outlined in the student handbook.

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