UNext.com was created to deliver world-class education. We are building a scalable education business that delivers the power of knowledge around the world. To bring people the finest curricula, we collaborate and co-brand with leading knowledge institutions. Ultimately, we plan to form partnerships with leading establishments throughout the world.

With a wealth of history and knowledge, our academic consortium helps create and authenticate our online education. They vet course content based on their own experience and long-established standards. Their experts work closely with UNext.com to capture their knowledge in an online environment. Through close collaboration, we're bringing people everywhere the latest and best in business education.

The people at UNext.com - academics, cognitive scientists, computer engineers, and designers- work with these institutions to create state-of-the-art online learning. UNext.com's first online learning community is called Cardean University. UNext.com will continue to create other educational services that fit within our core competency: developing scalable, world-class knowledge businesses for delivery over the internet.