Bob Jensen's "Blogs"

Bob Jensen

I make Fraud Updates entries to a time-sequenced quarterly “journal.” Quarterly issues of this are linked at

These fraud update “journal entries” are then posted to “account classifications” listed at


In addition I maintain a long-standing (since 1998) “journal” called New Bookmarks documents that are linked at

 Entries in this edition are posted to various documents in my entire Website --- 
New Bookmarks
has evolved over time, but New Bookmarks now is devoted primarily to longer quotations, messages, and editorials with particular focus on education technology, accounting, accounting education, and accounting research.


In addition I maintain a more recent “journal” called Tidbits that now has about six editions per month that are linked at

Tidbits is the scrapbook of my life that I share with the world. Entries in this “journal” are across the board in the spirit of academic debate where I try to present alternate sides of most any controversial issue of particular interest to me. I post Tidbits updates to various public service documents such as updates to electronic literature, search helpers, and other documents listed at


Obviously I could not maintain these three “blogs,” “journals,” or whatever you want to call them without the help of many of my online friends. I want to thank all of you for sending me things to pass along as best I can in what is left of my professional career.


Thanks to you all.