Merger and Acquisition Mania in the IT Industry

The list of vendors leading the recent M&A surge features a host of marquee names: Adobe, Cisco, EMC (Profile, Products, Articles), Oracle (Profile, Products, Articles), and Symantec (Profile, Products, Articles), have been among the more ravenous, gobbling up competitors and vertical-market products at a rapid clip. Oracle has been downright insatiable, with high-profile takeovers of PeopleSoft (Profile, Products, Articles) (which itself had previously subsumed JD Edwards) and Siebel Systems (Profile, Products, Articles). Other notable transactions include Adobe’s acquisition of Macromedia (Profile, Products, Articles), Symantec’s merger with Veritas, as well as Cisco’s and EMC’s prolific activities in enterprise networking and storage. SSA Global Technologies, a company built on the acquisition of bankrupt ERP vendor Baan, has also been busy recently, acquiring CRM software vendor E.piphany and Boniva, a provider of HR management software.
John S. Webster, "Merger mania," InforWorld, October 31, 2005 ---