General Internet Resources for Medievalists


Medieval Resources Sites

Carolina Association for Medieval Studies (bibliographic aids)

The Humanities Handbook

International Medieval Institute Web-Site (Leeds)

Labyrinth Home Page


Mediaevistik im Internet (Resources Page, German)

The Medieval Academy of America

Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University

Medieval Studies Page at Stanford University Library

NetSERF (Medieval Resources Online)

Rumoldes Rat (Medieval Sites)

WWW Virtual Library History Index (Medieval Europe)

Bible Search Engines

ARTFL Project: Latin Vulgate Bible Search Form

Bible Browser Advanced Home Page

Collections of Texts Online

Bibliotheca Augustana

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

E-text Archives around the World

The Internet Classics Archive

Medieval Diplomatic and the 'ars dictandi' (Steven Wright)

ORB: Online Reference Book

The On-Line Books Page

Patrologia Latina Online

Paul Halsall Medieval History Pages

Project Gutenberg (books in all languages)

Projekt Gutenberg (books in German)

Library Catalogue Sites

Harvard OnLine Library Information System (HOLLIS)

Library of Congress Homepage

Bibliographic Resources


Periodicals Contents Index

The Humbul Humanities Hub

Welcome to Ovid


Special Reference Resources

Bibliofind (antiquarian books)

Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon


Catholic Online Saints & Angels

Encyclopedia Mythica

Franciscan Authors, 13th - 18th Century

A Glossary of Literary Terms

Learning Old English

LOGOS Multilingual E-translation Portal

The Medieval Review (reviews of scholarship)

Mittelhochdeutsche Woerterbuecher im Verbund

Orbis Latinus

Perseus (Classical Latin)

World Biographical Index




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