CHEM-4345-1 Dr. Bachrach
Advanced Organic Chemistry 408C MEB
11:20 - 12:35 TTh 999-7379
105 MEB
  Office Hours: 9:30-11:00 MWF or by appointment

Text: Perspectives on Structure and Mechanism in Organic Chemistry, F. A. Caroll, Brooks/Cole.

Grading: Your grade will be determined by your performance on the exams and homework assignments. There will be four exams each one covering a separate topic. The tentative exam schedule is listed in the section below. I will keep you posted on the exam dates throughout the semester. Each exam will be worth 100 points. The last exam will be held during the final exam slot, but this will not be a comprehensive exam; rather it will cover only the last topic. There will be three or four homework assignments worth a total of 100 points. Thus, there is a total of 500 points possible. Grades will be based on a scale that will be no more severe than this: A, >90%; B, 80-89%; C, 70-79%; D, 60-69%; F, <60%. The scale may adjust depending on the class performance. I will tell you the scale after every exam. Please note that the scale will not be based on a class curve. Your grade will not be affected by the scores of your classmates.

Exam Schedule:

Thursday, February 1
Thursday, March 8
Thursday, April 5
Saturday, May 5, 8:30AM
Make-up Policy: There will be no make-up exams. If you miss an exam for a valid medical reason, an additional homework assignment will substitute for the exam.

Office Hours: I will have regular office hours on MWF from 9:30 to 11:00AM in my office, 408C MEB. No appointment is need to meet with me at these times; just walk right in. I am available at other times of the day but you must make an appointment first, either talk with me before or after class or call me at 999-7379.

Tentative Schedule: The following is a tentative schedule.
Topic 1: (1/9 - 1/30)
      Stereochemistry and Symmetry
      Molecular Orbital Theory

Chapter 2
Chapter 4
Topic 2: (2/1 - 2/27)
      Methods in Physical Organic Chemistry

Chapter 6
Topic 3: (3/1 - 3/27)
      Pericyclic Reactions

Chapter 11
Topic 4: (3/29 - 4/17)
      Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions

Chapter 8
Topic 5: (4/19 - 5/1)
      Asymmetric induction

p. 631-637

Homework: I will hand out 3 or 4 homework assignments throughout the semester. These will generally be due about 7 days before the exam so that you can have the results and correct answers prior to the exam. The questions on the homework will be suggestive of what to expect on the exams, though they will likely be a bit more involved and harder than the problems on the exams.

Web Site: The class syllabus and other information will be available at

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