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Thank you for your interest in Trinity University's Chinese program. We are one of only three universities in Texas to offer an undergraduate degree in Mandarin Chinese, the national language of mainland China and Taiwan.

Our program offers a sequence of instruction in language skills, from the fundamental to the sophisticated, that guide the student towards proficiency in spoken and written Mandarin. Our language courses train students in not only speaking, listening, reading and writing, but also in cultural knowledge. In addition, the program offers several courses that introduce Chinese history, literature, cinema, religion, and business in English; these courses are available to any interested student.

Since an intenstive language experience is crucial for gaining proficiency in the student's undergraduate career, our majors are required to study for a semester in China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. For the student interested in pursuing the University's Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT), we offer full scholarships to two Trinity students every summer to study at Lingnan University in Hong Kong. In addition, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China on Taiwan offers a post-graduate scholarship to a Trinity student to study abroad in Taiwan. Finally, we offer a full-time, post-graduate, paid internship in Shanghai for pre-law students at the law firm of Baker-McKenzie. Trinity students have also received scholarships to such prestigious programs as the Hopkins-Nanjing Center for Chinese and American Studies.

The primary reward of a solid background in Chinese studies is the acquisition of a liberal education that truly broadens horizons. The discipline required for successful study of these languages also builds character habits that will be an asset in any career. The comparative difficulty of mastering Chinese as an undergraduate makes it uncertain that a student might immediately be employable as a translator or interpreter. Students may want to take courses (or double major) in business or economics because this background appeals to trading companies doing business in East Asia. Other opportunities are available in banking, business, government agencies (including foreign service), law, management and tourism. The major provides an excellent foundation for graduate studies in Chinese. Proficiency in Chinese is increasingly an asset in the modern world, and in recent years graduates in Chinese have pursued careers in business, law, government, and higher education.

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