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Using TigerNet Software
on your Windows PC
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These instructions are written specifically for students accessing TigerNet from their residence hall rooms. You must have a valid TUCC UserID and password and be successfully logged-in to the TUCC server for the software to work correctly. These programs are protected by copyright and may not be copied without permission.

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1. On your desktop click on My Computer
2. Click on drive S (software): Packages
3. Click on the folder labeled "Wenlin"
4. Then click on the WENLIN icon (the Chinese characters for "literary forest").
For more information about this software, click here:


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Chinese Input method editor (IME)

Windows Installation:
Control PanelClock, Language and RegionRegion and LanguageKeyboard and LanguagesChange keyboardsAdd

Then look for and click Chinese(Simplified, PRC) and then click Add, check Keyboard Layout/IME. Then Apply, then OK.

Then you will see on the task bar, right bottom, that you can switch from EN (English) to CH (Chinese). When you are in the CH mode, you can input (type) pinyin and you will be given a list of Chinese characters for you to choose.

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