Zeta Chi is an independent sorority located at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas.

In the fall of 1980, four juniors decided that they wanted something new and different in the way of a sorority. All were very active in the university community and did not have a great amount of time to devote to a social organization, but they still felt the need for some sort of female companionship and support network. They felt that no other established sorority on campus met their needs, so they took it upon themselves to create something new and unique.

After some discussion with friends and friends of friends, the four decided there was enough interest generated that forming this new type of "sorority" would be worth the effort and risk; hence, in the spring of 1981, Zeta Chi became a reality with thirty-three charter members. Although they have moved on, their legacy has not, and Zeta Chi continues to welcome strong women who value their personal independence as well as the bonds of sisterhood.

Motto: Individual, United, Active
Philanthropy: National Multiple Sclerosis Society and San Antonio AIDs Foundation
Colors: Red and White
Symbols: Fleur-de-lis and Purple Iris