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International Business (INTB)
Course Course Title Credits
INTB-2301 International Business Environment 3 credits
INTB-3096 International Business Internship 0 credits
INTB-3330 Global Business Culture 3 credits
INTB-3346 La Economia Espanola Y la Union Europea (The Spanish Economy and the European Union) 3 credits
INTB-3361 International Business Law 3 credits
INTB-3363 International Business Research 3 credits
INTB-3365 International Innovation 3 credits
INTB-3372 Practica profesional en Espana (Internship in Spain) 3 credits
INTB-3396 International Business Internship 3 credits
INTB-3696 International Business Internship 6 credits
INTB-4361 International Business Strategy 3 credits
INTB-4362 International Branding 3 credits
International Studies (INTL)
Course Course Title Credits
INTL-1300 Introduction to Intercultural Competence 3 credits
INTL-1301 Introduction to International Studies 3 credits
INTL-1305 Ethics in International Engagement and Development 3 credits
INTL-3001 Studying Abroad 0 credits
INTL-3301 Global Health 3 credits
INTL-3316 Gender, Race and Healthcare in Contemporary Cuba 3 credits
INTL-3357 Contemporary Japanese Politics and Society 3 credits
INTL-4000 Senior Research Project 0 credits