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Biomathematics (BIMA)
Course Course Title Credits
BIMA-2094 Seminar in Biomathematics I 0 credits
BIMA-3390 Independent Research in Biomathematics 3 credits
BIMA-3391 Special Topics in Biomathematics 3 credits
Business (BUSN)
Course Course Title Credits
BUSN-1359 Professional Ethics 3 credits
BUSN-3090 Studies in Business 0 credits
BUSN-3097 Internship in Business Administration 0 credits
BUSN-3302 Legal Concepts of Business I 3 credits
BUSN-3311 Organizational Communication 3 credits
BUSN-3314 Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility: A Global Concern 3 credits
BUSN-3338 Government Regulation of Business 3 credits
BUSN-3340 Haciendo Negocios En Latinoamerica (Doing Business in Latin America) 3 credits
BUSN-3341 Legal Concepts of Business II 3 credits
BUSN-3345 Economic and Business History of the United States Since 1865 3 credits
BUSN-3366 The Globalized Economy: America and Japan in the 21st Century 3 credits
BUSN-3367 Comparative Views of Modern China 3 credits
BUSN-3390 Studies in Business 3 credits
BUSN-3397 Internship in Business Administration 3 credits
BUSN-4301 Strategic Management 3 credits
BUSN-4355 Entrepreneurial Venture Planning 3 credits
BUSN-4364 Internationalizing Intellectual Property 3 credits