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Spanish (SPAN)
Course Course Title Credits
SPAN-1403 Review of Elementary Spanish 4 credits
SPAN-3191 Special Topics 1 credit
SPAN-3291 Special Topics 2 credits
SPAN-3491 Special Topics 4 credits
SPAN-3591 Special Topics 5 credits
SPAN-4190 Reading and Conference 1 credit
SPAN-4191 Special Topics 1 credit
SPAN-4197 Internship 1 credit
SPAN-4290 Reading and Conference 2 credits
SPAN-4291 Special Topics 2 credits
SPAN-4297 Internship 2 credits
SPAN-4491 Special Topics 4 credits
SPAN-4591 Special Topics 5 credits
Sport Management (SPMT)
Course Course Title Credits
SPMT-1106 Sport Officiating Laboratory 1 credit
SPMT-1165 Intramural Programming 1 credit
SPMT-3108 Introduction to Sport Sales 1 credit
SPMT-3190 Directed Study in Sport Management 1 credit
SPMT-3199 Sport Management Internship 1 credit
SPMT-3290 Directed Study in Sport Management 2 credits
SPMT-3299 Sport Management Internship 2 credits