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Psychology (PSYC)
Course Course Title Credits
PSYC-2110 Neuroscience Laboratory 1 credit
PSYC-2161 Lab Experience in Psychology 1 credit
PSYC-2401 Statistics and Methods I 4 credits
PSYC-2402 Statistics and Methods II 4 credits
PSYC-3161 Advanced Research in Psychology 1 credit
PSYC-3180 Psychology Peer Tutor 1 credit
PSYC-3410 Neuroethics 4 credits
PSYC-3411 Sensation and Perception 4 credits
PSYC-3412 Principles of Learning 4 credits
PSYC-3421 Cognitive Development 4 credits
PSYC-3422 Social Development 4 credits
PSYC-3431 Memory and Cognition 4 credits
PSYC-3440 Psychopathology 4 credits
PSYC-3451 Clinical Psychology 4 credits
PSYC-3455 Behavioral Medicine 4 credits
PSYC-4490 Senior Seminar in Psychology 4 credits