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Sociology (SOCI)
Course Course Title Credits
SOCI-1301 Introduction to Sociology 3 credits
SOCI-1310 The Urban Experience 3 credits
SOCI-1316 People and Places in Global Context 3 credits
SOCI-2291 Special Topics Seminar 2 credits
SOCI-2311 Sociology of Gender 3 credits
SOCI-2314 Social Problems and Human Values 3 credits
SOCI-2323 Deviance: Social and Personal 3 credits
SOCI-2328 Social Inequality 3 credits
SOCI-2339 Health, Illness, and Society 3 credits
SOCI-2391 Special Topics Seminar 3 credits
SOCI-3271 Sociology Internship 2 credits
SOCI-3290 Sociology Independent Study 2 credits
SOCI-3291 Special Topics Seminar 2 credits
SOCI-3301 Global Health 3 credits
SOCI-3313 Social Movements 3 credits
SOCI-3329 Sexuality and Society 3 credits
SOCI-3343 Relaciones fronterizas Mexico-Estados Unidos (bilingue) 3 credits
SOCI-3345 International Issues in Health and the Environment 3 credits
SOCI-3350 Sociology of Law 3 credits
SOCI-3355 HIV/AIDS: Nature, Power, Populations 3 credits