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Biology (BIOL)
Course Course Title Credits
BIOL-1308 The Microbial Mothership 3 credits
BIOL-1309 The Nature of Cancer 3 credits
BIOL-1311 Integrative Biology 3 credits
BIOL-1320 The Darwinian Revolution 3 credits
BIOL-1322 The Ecology and Bioconservation of China 3 credits
BIOL-1391 Selected Topics 3 credits
BIOL-2301 Advanced Placement Biology 3 credits
BIOL-2306 Infectious Diseases 3 credits
BIOL-2312 Cells and Cell Systems 3 credits
BIOL-2391 Selected Topics 3 credits
BIOL-3301 Experiential Learning in Ecology and Evolution 3 credits
BIOL-3302 Experiential Learning in Cell and Molecular Biology 3 credits
BIOL-3313 Genes, Phenotypes, and Evolutionary Dynamics 3 credits
BIOL-3351 Conservation Biology 3 credits
BIOL-3390 Independent Study 3 credits
BIOL-3391 Selected Topics 3 credits
BIOL-3392 Research Internship 3 credits
BIOL-3393 Practical Internship 3 credits
BIOL-4391 Selected Topics 3 credits
BIOL-4398 Senior Seminar and Thesis Research I 3 credits