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Film Studies (FILM)
Course Course Title Credits
FILM-1301 Introduction to Film Studies 3 credits
FILM-3320 History of World Cinema 3 credits
Human Communication (HCOM)
Course Course Title Credits
HCOM-1300 Theories of Human Communication 3 credits
HCOM-1305 Foundations of Linguistics 3 credits
HCOM-1310 Applied Linguistics 3 credits
HCOM-1323 Oral Interpretation 3 credits
HCOM-1333 Public Speaking 3 credits
HCOM-2304 Interpersonal Communication 3 credits
HCOM-2312 Nonverbal Communication 3 credits
HCOM-2313 Voice and Speech 3 credits
HCOM-2350 Classical Rhetorical Theory 3 credits
HCOM-2352 Modern Rhetorical Theory 3 credits
HCOM-3330 Argumentation 3 credits
HCOM-3332 Computer Mediated Communication and Social Relations 3 credits
HCOM-3334 Persuasion 3 credits
HCOM-3350 Rhetorical Criticism 3 credits
HCOM-3354 Quantitative Research Methods 3 credits
HCOM-3360 Communicating in Small Groups & Teams 3 credits
HCOM-3362 Organizational Communication 3 credits
HCOM-3364 Communication and Effective Leadership 3 credits