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General Education (GNED)
Course Course Title Credits
GNED-1400 Intro to Digital Research and Storytelling 4 credits
GNED-3430 Moral Imagination and US Incarceration 4 credits
GNED-3499 Internship 4 credits
GNED-3599 Internship 5 credits
GNED-3699 Internship 6 credits
GNED-4420 Peer Support in Prison Education 4 credits
GNED-4520 Peer Support in Prison Education 5 credits
GNED-4620 Peer Support in Prison Education 6 credits
German (GERM)
Course Course Title Credits
GERM-1401 Elementary German I 4 credits
GERM-1402 Elementary German II 4 credits
GERM-4491 Selected Topics 4 credits
GERM-4590 Reading and Conference 5 credits
GERM-4591 Selected Topics 5 credits
GERM-4690 Reading and Conference 6 credits
GERM-4691 Selected Topics 6 credits
German Studies (GRST)
Course Course Title Credits
GRST-2432 European Frontiers 1848 - Present 4 credits
GRST-3401 Yiddish Language, Culture and Film 4 credits
GRST-3435 Global City Berlin 4 credits
GRST-3438 History of the Holocaust 4 credits
GRST-3440 Northern Renaissance Art in the Fifteenth Century 4 credits