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Spanish (SPAN)
Course Course Title Credits
SPAN-1403 Review of Elementary Spanish 4 credits
SPAN-1600 Intensive Beginning Spanish 6 credits
SPAN-2301 Intermediate Spanish I 3 credits
SPAN-2302 Intermediate Spanish II 3 credits
SPAN-2601 Spanish Language Immersion 6 credits
SPAN-3301 Advanced Grammar 3 credits
SPAN-3302 Advanced Composition and Conversation 3 credits
SPAN-3303 Spanish Phonetics and Phonology 3 credits
SPAN-3311 Spanish Civilization 3 credits
SPAN-3312 Latin American Civilization 3 credits
SPAN-3321 Spanish Cinema 3 credits
SPAN-3322 Spanish American Cinema 3 credits
SPAN-3330 Introduction to Spanish Literature to 1700 3 credits
SPAN-3331 Introduction to Spanish Literature Since 1700 3 credits
SPAN-3332 Introduction to Spanish American Literature 3 credits
SPAN-3341 Peoples of Spain 3 credits
SPAN-3342 Madrid: Culture, Urban Identities and Glocality 3 credits
SPAN-3346 La economia espanola y la Union Europea (The Spanish Economy and the European Union) 3 credits
SPAN-3371 Introduction to Romance Linguistics 3 credits
SPAN-3372 Practica profesional en Espana (Internship in Spain) 3 credits