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Arts, Letters, and Enterprise (ALE)
Course Course Title Credits
ALE-3301 Grant Writing & Fundraising 3 credits
ALE-4390 Internship 3 credits
ALE-4490 Internship 4 credits
ALE-4590 Internship 5 credits
Biomathematics (BIMA)
Course Course Title Credits
BIMA-3390 Independent Research in Biomathematics 3 credits
BIMA-3391 Special Topics in Biomathematics 3 credits
Chemistry (CHEM)
Course Course Title Credits
CHEM-1301 The Chemistry of Crime 3 credits
CHEM-1303 Chemistry in Everyday Life 3 credits
CHEM-1305 The Chemistry of Art 3 credits
CHEM-1311 General Chemistry I 3 credits
CHEM-1312 General Chemistry II 3 credits
CHEM-2319 Organic Chemistry I 3 credits
CHEM-2320 Organic Chemistry II 3 credits
CHEM-3321 Inorganic Chemistry 3 credits
CHEM-3330 Biochemistry I 3 credits
CHEM-3334 Physical Chemistry I 3 credits
CHEM-3335 Physical Chemistry II 3 credits
CHEM-3380 Chemistry Peer Tutor 3 credits
CHEM-3390 Independent Research in Chemistry & Biochemistry 3 credits
CHEM-3398 Honors Reading 3 credits