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Art (ART)
Course Course Title Credits
ART-1309 Advanced Placement Credit in Studio Art 3 credits
ART-2314 Creative Thinking and the Artistic Process 3 credits
ART-3314 Issues in Contemporary Art 3 credits
ART-3360 Topics in Intermediate Printmaking 3 credits
ART-3390 Special Work in Studio Art 3 credits
ART-3391 Topics in Studio Art 3 credits
ART-3397 Internship 3 credits
ART-3398 Honors Readings 3 credits
ART-4352 Advanced Digital Photography 3 credits
ART-4360 Topics in Advanced Printmaking 3 credits
ART-4391 Advanced Study in Studio Art 3 credits
ART-4394 Senior Seminar 3 credits
ART-4396 Gallery Practicum 3 credits
ART-4398 Honors Thesis 3 credits
ART-4399 Honors Thesis 3 credits
Art History (ARTH)
Course Course Title Credits
ARTH-1306 Advanced Placement Credit in Art History 3 credits
ARTH-1310 Introduction to Asian Art: China 3 credits
ARTH-1314 Art and Architecture of Medieval Europe 3 credits
ARTH-3320 The Minoan-Mycenaean Civilization 3 credits
ARTH-3335 Ancient Art of the Americas 3 credits