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Arts, Letters, and Enterprise (ALE)
Course Course Title Credits
ALE-3301 Grant Writing & Fundraising 3 credits
ALE-4390 Internship 3 credits
ALE-4590 Internship 5 credits
Physics (PHYS)
Course Course Title Credits
PHYS-1302 Frontiers of Physics 3 credits
PHYS-1304 Solar System Astronomy 3 credits
PHYS-1305 Stars & Galaxies 3 credits
PHYS-1307 Introduction to Nanotechnology 3 credits
PHYS-1309 General Physics I 3 credits
PHYS-1310 General Physics II 3 credits
PHYS-1311 Introduction to Mechanics 3 credits
PHYS-1312 Introduction to Electricity, Magnetism And Waves 3 credits
PHYS-2390 Directed Studies - Sophomore Level 3 credits
PHYS-3311 Principles of Biophysics 3 credits
PHYS-3321 Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics 3 credits
PHYS-3322 Classical Mechanics and Nonlinear Dynamics 3 credits
PHYS-3323 Introduction to Modern Physics 3 credits
PHYS-3324 Mathematical Methods for Physicists 3 credits
PHYS-3325 Waves and Optics 3 credits
PHYS-3333 Quantum Physics I 3 credits
PHYS-3335 Electromagnetic Fields 3 credits