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Arts, Letters, and Enterprise (ALE)
Course Course Title Credits
ALE-3301 Grant Writing & Fundraising 3 credits
ALE-4390 Internship 3 credits
ALE-4590 Internship 5 credits
Communication (COMM)
Course Course Title Credits
COMM-1301 Mass Media 3 credits
COMM-1302 Introduction to Film Studies 3 credits
COMM-2302 Media Texts 3 credits
COMM-3303 Media Audiences 3 credits
COMM-3320 History of World Cinema 3 credits
COMM-3321 Arts Criticism 3 credits
COMM-3322 International Communication 3 credits
COMM-3323 Environmental Communication in Asia 3 credits
COMM-3324 Popular Culture in Asia 3 credits
COMM-3325 Special Topics in Communication Media 3 credits
COMM-3326 History of Mass Media 3 credits
COMM-3327 Black Media Studies 3 credits
COMM-3328 Media, Culture and Technology 3 credits
COMM-3329 Special Topics in Film Studies 3 credits
COMM-3340 Media Writing 3 credits
COMM-3341 Audio Communication 3 credits
COMM-3342 Visual Communication 3 credits