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Urban Studies (URBS)
Course Course Title Credits
URBS-1310 The Urban Experience 3 credits
URBS-1316 People and Places in Global Context 3 credits
URBS-2310 Urban Experience II 3 credits
URBS-2328 Social Inequality 3 credits
URBS-3305 The City in History 3 credits
URBS-3334 Urban Economics 3 credits
URBS-3366 Governance and Public Policy in Contemporary China 3 credits
URBS-3367 Comparative Views of Modern China 3 credits
URBS-3370 Applied Urban Studies 3 credits
URBS-3388 Urban Studies Internship 3 credits
URBS-3389 Urban Studies Practicum 3 credits
URBS-3390 Independent Study 3 credits
URBS-3590 Independent Study 5 credits
URBS-4391 Special Topics in Urban Studies 3 credits