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General Education (GNED)
Course Course Title Credits
GNED-1300 First Year Seminar 3 credits
GNED-1306 Energy and Society 3 credits
GNED-1341 Connected Science: Powering Our Lives 3 credits
GNED-1342 Connected Science: Change Over Time 3 credits
GNED-2340 Creative Thinking and the Artistic Process 3 credits
GNED-3312 McNair Research Internship 3 credits
GNED-3315 The Mayor and The City: Seminar in San Antonio Problem-Solving 3 credits
GNED-3321 Information, Identity, and Everyday Life 3 credits
GNED-3325 The U.S. Latino Experience 3 credits
GNED-3326 U.S. Latino Culture and Artistic Expression 3 credits
GNED-3328 The Peer Tutor 3 credits
GNED-3391 Special Topics in General Education 3 credits
GNED-3399 Internship 3 credits
GNED-3599 Internship 5 credits
GNED-4320 Peer Support in Prison Education 3 credits
GNED-4520 Peer Support in Prison Education 5 credits
German (GERM)
Course Course Title Credits
GERM-2301 Intermediate German I 3 credits
GERM-2302 Intermediate German II 3 credits
GERM-3300 Advanced Placement Credit in German 3 credits
GERM-3301 Advanced German I 3 credits