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Computer Science (CSCI)
Course Course Title Credits
CSCI-1300 Essential Information Technology 3 credits
CSCI-1304 Computers and Society 3 credits
CSCI-1311 Introduction to Programming Logic 3 credits
CSCI-1312 Introduction to Programming for Engineering 3 credits
CSCI-1320 Principles of Computer Science I 3 credits
CSCI-1321 Principles of Computer Science II 3 credits
CSCI-1323 Discrete Structures 3 credits
CSCI-2320 Principles of Data Abstraction 3 credits
CSCI-2321 Principles of Computer Design 3 credits
CSCI-2322 Principles of Functional Languages 3 credits
CSCI-2323 Scientific Computing 3 credits
CSCI-2324 Numerical Calculus 3 credits
CSCI-3311 Information Assurance and Security 3 credits
CSCI-3312 Introduction to Game Development 3 credits
CSCI-3320 Principles of Theoretical Computer Science 3 credits
CSCI-3321 Principles of Software Engineering 3 credits
CSCI-3322 Principles of Algorithms 3 credits
CSCI-3323 Principles of Operating Systems 3 credits
CSCI-3334 Compiler Construction 3 credits
CSCI-3342 Computer & Network Security 3 credits