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Education (EDUC)
Course Course Title Credits
EDUC-1310 Seminar in Urban Education Policy and Practice 3 credits
EDUC-1331 Understanding Learners With Exceptionalities in School and Society 3 credits
EDUC-3301 Field Seminar in Elementary Literacy 3 credits
EDUC-3302 Secondary Field Seminar 3 credits
EDUC-3310 The Natural Environment & Well-Being 3 credits
EDUC-3320 Child & Adolescent Development Worldwide 3 credits
EDUC-3321 Schooling in America 3 credits
EDUC-3330 Instr Design & Practice for Stu Achievem 3 credits
EDUC-3332 Reading Difficulties With Diverse Populations 3 credits
EDUC-3333 Positive Behavioral Supports for Students With Challenging Behavior 3 credits
EDUC-3335 Reading Difficulties With Diverse Population in the Middle School 3 credits
EDUC-3341 Teaching Science in Elementary School 3 credits
EDUC-3342 Teaching Science and Mathematics in Secondary Schools 3 credits
EDUC-3344 Teaching in the Bilingual (English/Spanish)classroom 3 credits
EDUC-3345 Principles and Practices for Teaching English Learners 3 credits
EDUC-3351 Mathematics in Elementary School 3 credits
EDUC-4338 Teaching Reading in Secondary Schools 3 credits
EDUC-4341 Workshop in Education 3 credits
EDUC-4390 Problems in Education 3 credits
EDUC-4590 Problems in Education 5 credits