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Film Studies (FILM)
Course Course Title Credits
FILM-1301 Introduction to Film Studies 3 credits
FILM-3320 History of World Cinema 3 credits
Music (MUSC)
Course Course Title Credits
MUSC-1301 Foundations of Communication Through Music 3 credits
MUSC-1302 Class Composition 3 credits
MUSC-1340 Introduction to Music History 3 credits
MUSC-1341 Operas of Verdi and Wagner 3 credits
MUSC-1343 Introduction to Opera 3 credits
MUSC-1344 Nights At the Symphony 3 credits
MUSC-1345 Women and Music 3 credits
MUSC-1346 Jazz History and Styles 3 credits
MUSC-1347 Introduction to Film Music 3 credits
MUSC-1349 African American Music 3 credits
MUSC-1351 Music Cultures of the World 3 credits
MUSC-2301 American Musical Theater 3 credits
MUSC-2340 Creative Thinking and the Artistic Process 3 credits
MUSC-2361 Music in Childhood 3 credits
MUSC-2362 Music in Early Childhood 3 credits
MUSC-3302 Counterpoint 3 credits
MUSC-3305 Electronic Music 3 credits
MUSC-3341 Music History I: Ancient Greece to Baroque 3 credits