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Neuroscience (NEUR)
Course Course Title Credits
NEUR-2310 Introduction to Neuroscience 3 credits
NEUR-3310 Neuroethics 3 credits
NEUR-3360 Special Topics in Neuroscience 3 credits
NEUR-3390 Lab Experience in Neuroscience 3 credits
NEUR-4390 Research in Neuroscience 3 credits
NEUR-4395 Thesis I 3 credits
NEUR-4396 Thesis II 3 credits
Sport Management (SPMT)
Course Course Title Credits
SPMT-1306 Sport Officiating 3 credits
SPMT-1312 Sport in Society 3 credits
SPMT-1314 Athletic Facility and Event Management 3 credits
SPMT-3308 Sport Management 3 credits
SPMT-3309 Legal Issues in Sport 3 credits
SPMT-3314 History of Sport in the United States 3 credits
SPMT-3316 Leadership for Sport Professionals 3 credits
SPMT-3317 Sport Media 3 credits
SPMT-3319 Sport and Sponsorship Marketing 3 credits
SPMT-3320 Strategic Management in the Sport Industry 3 credits
SPMT-3321 Tom Brown's School Days: Sport in England 3 credits
SPMT-3390 Directed Study in Sport Management 3 credits
SPMT-3399 Sport Management Internship 3 credits