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Health Care Administration (HCAD)
Course Course Title Credits
HCAD-3333 Health Economics 3 credits
HCAD-3350 The U.S. Health Care System 3 credits
HCAD-3383 Management of Health Care Organizations 3 credits
HCAD-3391 Special Topics 3 credits
HCAD-5301 Leadership I 3 credits
HCAD-5310 Health Services Organization and Policy 3 credits
HCAD-5311 Policy, Population and Innovation 3 credits
HCAD-5313 Economic Aspects of Health Care Administration 3 credits
HCAD-5333 Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration 3 credits
HCAD-5340 Health Care Strategic Planning and Marketing 3 credits
HCAD-5350 Seminar in Current Health Care Issues 3 credits
HCAD-5351 Financial Management I 3 credits
HCAD-5353 Financial Management II 3 credits
HCAD-5365 Leadership II 3 credits
HCAD-5380 Health Care Human Resources Management 3 credits
HCAD-5383 Health Care Institutional Management 3 credits
HCAD-5387 Health Information and Data Analytics 3 credits
HCAD-5390 Problems 3 credits
HCAD-5395 Health Care Performance Improvements 3 credits
HCAD-6300 Thesis Administration 3 credits