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Health Care Administration (HCAD)
Course Course Title Credits
HCAD-3491 Special Topics 4 credits
HCAD-5490 Problems 4 credits
History (HIST)
Course Course Title Credits
HIST-2424 Global China: a History of Migration 4 credits
HIST-2430 Medieval Kingship: Power, Patronage, and Propaganda, 750 - 1035 4 credits
HIST-2432 European Frontiers 1848 - Present 4 credits
HIST-2435 Native American History Through Removal (before 1830) 4 credits
HIST-2436 Native American History Since Removal 4 credits
HIST-2440 U.S. Society and Politics Since 1945 4 credits
HIST-3400 Gender Matters in African History 4 credits
HIST-3420 Masculinity and Femininity in China, 1500-Present 4 credits
HIST-3426 Race and Ethnicity in East Asia 4 credits
HIST-3431 Early Medieval England: 500-1100 4 credits
HIST-3432 Vikings, Saxons, and Franks: the Barbarian North, 500-1300 4 credits
HIST-3433 The Middle Ages in Film 4 credits
HIST-3434 History of Paris 4 credits
HIST-3435 The Enlightenment 4 credits
HIST-3436 French Empire in the Americas, 1500-1800 4 credits
HIST-3438 History of the Holocaust 4 credits
HIST-3439 The World War II Era 4 credits
HIST-3442 American Migrant Cities 4 credits