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Chemistry (CHEM)
Course Course Title Credits
CHEM-3432 Analytical Chemistry 4 credits
CHEM-3490 Independent Research in Chemistry & Biochemistry 4 credits
Computer Science (CSCI)
Course Course Title Credits
CSCI-3490 Directed Study 4 credits
CSCI-3590 Directed Study 5 credits
Economics (ECON)
Course Course Title Credits
ECON-2410 Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations 4 credits
ECON-3415 Iceland - Its Unique Geological, Economic and Cultural History 4 credits
ECON-3423 The Economics of Government 4 credits
ECON-3425 Intermediate Microeconomics 4 credits
ECON-3426 Intermediate Macroeconomics 4 credits
ECON-3427 Sports Economics 4 credits
ECON-3428 Monetary Policy Markets & Banking 4 credits
ECON-3429 Labor Econ & Labor Relations 4 credits
ECON-3430 Economics and the Environment 4 credits
ECON-3434 Urban Economics 4 credits
ECON-3435 Industrial Organization 4 credits
ECON-3439 Economic Analysis of Law 4 credits
ECON-3440 Economic Growth and Development 4 credits
ECON-3441 Economic Development of Mexico 4 credits
ECON-3442 Latin American Economic History 4 credits
ECON-3447 International Trade 4 credits