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English (ENGL)
Course Course Title Credits
ENGL-2401 Introduction to Non-Fiction Writing 4 credits
ENGL-2402 Fiction Writing 4 credits
ENGL-2403 Poetry Writing 4 credits
ENGL-3414 Advanced Exposition and Argument 4 credits
ENGL-3416 Writing Internship 4 credits
ENGL-3417 Experiential Learning in Editing and Publishing 4 credits
ENGL-3427 Contemporary Literature 4 credits
ENGL-3429 Jewish Literature 4 credits
ENGL-3440 Nineteenth-Century British Literary Culture 4 credits
ENGL-3441 Nineteenth-Century American Literary Culture 4 credits
ENGL-3452 American Literary Sentimentalism 4 credits
ENGL-3457 Medieval Christian Mysticism 4 credits
ENGL-3460 Introduction to Shakespeare 4 credits
ENGL-3465 19th-Century British Poetry 4 credits
ENGL-3466 19th-Century British Fiction 4 credits
ENGL-3470 Early American Literature 4 credits
ENGL-3471 American Literature of the Nineteenth Century 4 credits
ENGL-3473 The Jewish Graphic Novel 4 credits
ENGL-3475 Postmodern Literature 4 credits
ENGL-3480 The Modern Novel 4 credits