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Management Information Systems (MGMT)
Course Course Title Credits
MGMT-3411 Labor Economics and Labor Relations 4 credits
MGMT-3490 Studies in Management 4 credits
MGMT-3497 Management Internship 4 credits
MGMT-3590 Studies in Management 5 credits
MGMT-3597 Management Internship 5 credits
Marketing (MKTG)
Course Course Title Credits
MKTG-3490 Directed Studies in Marketing 4 credits
MKTG-3491 Applied Marketing 4 credits
MKTG-3492 Special Topics in Marketing 4 credits
MKTG-3497 Internship in Marketing 4 credits
MKTG-3590 Directed Studies in Marketing 5 credits
MKTG-3591 Applied Marketing 5 credits
MKTG-3592 Special Topics in Marketing 5 credits
MKTG-3597 Internship in Marketing 5 credits
Music (MUSC)
Course Course Title Credits
MUSC-3458 Philosophy of Music 4 credits
MUSC-3490 Directed Studies 4 credits
MUSC-4411 Composition 4 credits
MUSC-4412 Composition 4 credits
MUSC-4413 Composition 4 credits
MUSC-4414 Composition 4 credits
MUSC-4490 Directed Studies 4 credits