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Sociology (SOCI)
Course Course Title Credits
SOCI-2435 The Sociological Imagination 4 credits
SOCI-2437 Oppression & Liberation in the USA 4 credits
SOCI-2491 Special Topics Seminar 4 credits
SOCI-3424 Crime and Criminal Justice 4 credits
SOCI-3427 Race in America 4 credits
SOCI-3428 Gender Transgressions 4 credits
SOCI-3431 Language, Culture, and Society 4 credits
SOCI-3440 The Neoliberal City 4 credits
SOCI-3445 Understanding Refugees 4 credits
SOCI-3446 Punishment and Society 4 credits
SOCI-3449 Globalization and Social Change 4 credits
SOCI-3456 United States Social Policy 4 credits
SOCI-3460 Research Methods: Applied Social Statistics 4 credits
SOCI-3461 Research Methods: Fieldwork 4 credits
SOCI-3465 Research Methods: GIS 4 credits
SOCI-3471 Sociology Internship 4 credits
SOCI-3491 Special Topics Seminar 4 credits
SOCI-4494 Senior Special Topics Seminar 4 credits
Spanish (SPAN)
Course Course Title Credits
SPAN-1403 Review of Elementary Spanish 4 credits
SPAN-3491 Special Topics 4 credits