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Education (EDUC)
Course Course Title Credits
EDUC-4490 Problems in Education 4 credits
EDUC-4690 Problems in Education 6 credits
EDUC-5445 Independent Study 4 credits
EDUC-5464 Advanced Clinical Practice: Early Childhood - Grade 6 4 credits
EDUC-5474 Advanced Clinical Practice: Secondary 4 credits
EDUC-5499 Problems in Education 4 credits
EDUC-5636 Clinical Practice in Special Education 6 credits
EDUC-5645 Independent Study 6 credits
EDUC-5647 Clinical Practice in Music 6 credits
EDUC-5661 Clinical Practice: Early Childhood- Grade 6 6 credits
EDUC-5671 Clinical Practice: Secondary 6 credits
EDUC-5699 Problems in Education 6 credits
School Leadership (ELED)
Course Course Title Credits
ELED-6693 Clinical Practice - Advanced Internship 6 credits
Urban Studies (URBS)
Course Course Title Credits
URBS-3389 Urban Studies Practicum 4 credits
URBS-3416 Urban Politics 4 credits
URBS-3430 Economics and the Environment 4 credits
URBS-3440 Urban Geography 4 credits
URBS-3445 Understanding Refugees 4 credits
URBS-3452 Global Cities: Africa, Asia, and the Americas 4 credits
URBS-3456 United States Social Policy 4 credits