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Health Care Administration (HCAD)
Course Course Title Credits
HCAD-5590 Problems 5 credits
HCAD-5690 Problems 6 credits
History (HIST)
Course Course Title Credits
HIST-3594 Public History Internship 5 credits
HIST-3694 Public History Internship 6 credits
Music (MUSC)
Course Course Title Credits
MUSC-4511 Composition 5 credits
MUSC-4512 Composition 5 credits
MUSC-4513 Composition 5 credits
MUSC-4514 Composition 5 credits
MUSC-4590 Directed Studies 5 credits
MUSC-4611 Composition 6 credits
MUSC-4612 Composition 6 credits
MUSC-4613 Composition 6 credits
MUSC-4614 Composition 6 credits
MUSC-4690 Directed Studies 6 credits
Political Science (PLSI)
Course Course Title Credits
PLSI-3597 Internship in Politics, Administration, And Law 5 credits
PLSI-3697 Internship in Politics, Administration, And Law 6 credits