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Art (ART)
Course Course Title Credits
ART-1309 Advanced Placement Credit in Studio Art 3 credits
ART-1410 Design 4 credits
ART-2314 Creative Thinking and the Artistic Process 3 credits
ART-2430 Drawing I 4 credits
ART-2440 Painting I 4 credits
ART-2450 Photography I 4 credits
ART-2451 Thinking Photography 4 credits
ART-2452 Digital Photography I 4 credits
ART-2460 Lithography and Monotype 4 credits
ART-2462 Intaglio and Relief 4 credits
ART-2464 Screen Printing 4 credits
ART-2466 Papermaking 4 credits
ART-2468 Bookbinding 4 credits
ART-2470 Sculpture: Clay: Handbuilding 4 credits
ART-2471 Sculpture: Clay: Slip Casting 4 credits
ART-2474 Sculpture: Wood 4 credits
ART-2495 Outdoor Studio 4 credits
ART-3113 Guest Artist Workshop 1 credit
ART-3160 Topics in Intermediate Printmaking 1 credit
ART-3190 Special Work in Studio Art 1 credit