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Modern Languages and Literatures (ML&L)
Course Course Title Credits
MLL-3191 Selected Topics 1 credit
MLL-3291 Selected Topics 2 credits
MLL-3310 French Literature in Translation 3 credits
MLL-3311 French Cinema 3 credits
MLL-3330 Japanese Literature in Translation 3 credits
MLL-3340 Russian Literature in Translation I 3 credits
MLL-3341 Russian Literature in Translation II 3 credits
MLL-3342 The Peoples of Russia 3 credits
MLL-3343 The Culture of Russia 3 credits
MLL-3344 Russian Cinema 3 credits
MLL-3345 The History of Russia 3 credits
MLL-3350 Genres in Creative Writing 3 credits
MLL-3391 Selected Topics 3 credits
MLL-3401 Yiddish Language, Culture and Film 4 credits