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Russian (RUSS)
Course Course Title Credits
RUSS-1401 Elementary Russian I 4 credits
RUSS-1402 Elementary Russian II 4 credits
RUSS-2301 Intermediate Russian I 3 credits
RUSS-2302 Intermediate Russian II 3 credits
RUSS-3301 Advanced Russian I 3 credits
RUSS-3302 Advanced Russian II 3 credits
RUSS-3303 Russian Culture 3 credits
RUSS-3305 Introduction to Russian Literature I 3 credits
RUSS-3306 Introduction to Russian Literature II 3 credits
RUSS-3398 Honors Reading 3 credits
RUSS-4190 Readings and Conference 1 credit
RUSS-4191 Selected Topics 1 credit
RUSS-4290 Readings and Conference 2 credits
RUSS-4291 Selected Topics 2 credits
RUSS-4301 Genre Studies in Russian Literature 3 credits
RUSS-4310 Seminar in Russian Literature 3 credits
RUSS-4390 Readings and Conference 3 credits
RUSS-4391 Selected Topics 3 credits
RUSS-4398 Honors Thesis 3 credits
RUSS-4399 Honors Thesis 3 credits