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Latin (LATN)
Course Course Title Credits
LATN-1401 Elementary Latin I 4 credits
LATN-1402 Elementary Latin II 4 credits
LATN-2301 Intermediate Latin I 3 credits
LATN-2302 Intermediate Latin II 3 credits
LATN-3160 Roman World Lab 1 credit
LATN-3190 Directed Studies 1 credit
LATN-3290 Directed Studies 2 credits
LATN-3301 Latin Prose Composition 3 credits
LATN-3390 Directed Studies 3 credits
LATN-3402 Virgil and Latin Epic 4 credits
LATN-3403 Latin Prose to 43 B.C. 4 credits
LATN-3404 Lyric & Elegiac Poets 4 credits
LATN-3405 Latin Prose from 43 BC 4 credits
LATN-3406 Comedy & Satire 4 credits
LATN-3407 Imperial Roman Literature 4 credits
LATN-3408 Ovid 4 credits
LATN-3409 The Roman Novel 4 credits
LATN-3490 Directed Studies 4 credits
LATN-4190 Directed Studies 1 credit
LATN-4191 Selected Topics 1 credit