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Management Information Systems (MGMT)
Course Course Title Credits
MGMT-2301 Management of Organizations 3 credits
MGMT-3197 Management Internship 1 credit
MGMT-3290 Studies in Management 2 credits
MGMT-3297 Management Internship 2 credits
MGMT-3361 International Management 3 credits
MGMT-3371 Human Resources Management 3 credits
MGMT-3383 Management of Health Care Organizations 3 credits
MGMT-3390 Studies in Management 3 credits
MGMT-3397 Management Internship 3 credits
MGMT-3411 Labor Economics and Labor Relations 4 credits
MGMT-3490 Studies in Management 4 credits
MGMT-3497 Management Internship 4 credits
MGMT-3590 Studies in Management 5 credits
MGMT-3597 Management Internship 5 credits
MGMT-3690 Studies in Management 6 credits
MGMT-3697 Management Internship 6 credits
MGMT-4382 Employee and Labor Relations 3 credits
MGMT-5371 Human Resources Management 3 credits
MGMT-5372 Conflict Management 3 credits
Marketing (MKTG)
Course Course Title Credits
MKTG-2301 Principles of Marketing 3 credits