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Anthropology (ANTH)
Course Course Title Credits
ANTH-1301 Introduction to Anthropology 3 credits
ANTH-1304 Introduction to Classical Archaeology 3 credits
ANTH-1305 Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology 3 credits
ANTH-1309 Pirates, Merchants, and Marines: Seafaring in the Ancient Mediterranean 3 credits
ANTH-2091 Special Topics Seminar 0 credits
ANTH-2191 Special Topics Seminar 1 credit
ANTH-2291 Special Topics Seminar 2 credits
ANTH-2310 Human Evolution 3 credits
ANTH-2339 Health, Illness, and Society 3 credits
ANTH-2357 Humans and the Environment 3 credits
ANTH-2391 Special Topics Seminar 3 credits
ANTH-2401 The Anthropological Imagination 4 credits
ANTH-2491 Special Topics Seminar 4 credits
ANTH-3159 Social Research Skills Workshop 1 credit
ANTH-3171 Anthropology Internship 1 credit
ANTH-3172 Archaeological Practicum 1 credit
ANTH-3173 Archaeological Fieldwork 1 credit
ANTH-3190 Anthropology Independent Study 1 credit
ANTH-3191 Special Topics Seminar 1 credit
ANTH-3192 Research Lab in Anthropology 1 credit