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French (FREN)
Course Course Title Credits
FREN-1401 Elementary French I 4 credits
FREN-1402 Elementary French II 4 credits
FREN-2301 Intermediate French I 3 credits
FREN-2302 Intermediate French II 3 credits
FREN-3300 Advanced Placement Credit in French 3 credits
FREN-3301 Advanced Grammar 3 credits
FREN-3302 Advanced Conversation and Composition 3 credits
FREN-3303 French Civilization 3 credits
FREN-3305 Introduction to French Literature I 3 credits
FREN-3306 Introduction to French Literature II 3 credits
FREN-3371 Introduction to Romance Linguistics 3 credits
FREN-3398 Honors Readings 3 credits
FREN-4190 Reading and Conference 1 credit
FREN-4191 Selected Topics 1 credit
FREN-4290 Reading and Conference 2 credits
FREN-4291 Selected Topics 2 credits
FREN-4303 Topics in French Literature of the Seventeenth Century 3 credits
FREN-4304 Topics in French Literature of the Eighteenth Century 3 credits
FREN-4305 Topics in French Literature of the Nineteenth Century 3 credits
FREN-4306 Topics in French Literature of the Twentieth Century 3 credits