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Women's and Gender Studies (WAGS)
Course Course Title Credits
WAGS-2310 Introduction to Women's Studies 3 credits
WAGS-2350 Introduction to Feminist Theory 3 credits
WAGS-2351 Intro to Queer Studies 3 credits
WAGS-2352 Introduction to Gender Studies 3 credits
WAGS-3117 Gender Studies Colloquium 1 credit
WAGS-3118 Women's Studies Colloquium 1 credit
WAGS-3119 Queer Studies Colloquium 1 credit
WAGS-3122 Women's and Gender Studies Internship 1 credit
WAGS-3175 Science, Gender, and Sexuality Colloquium 1 credit
WAGS-3217 Gender Studies Colloquium 2 credits
WAGS-3218 Women's Studies Colloquium 2 credits
WAGS-3219 Queer Studies Colloquium 2 credits
WAGS-3275 Science, Gender, and Sexuality Colloquium 2 credits
WAGS-3317 Gender Studies Colloquium 3 credits
WAGS-3318 Women's Studies Colloquium 3 credits
WAGS-3319 Queer Studies Colloquium 3 credits
WAGS-3375 Science, Gender, and Sexuality Colloquium 3 credits
WAGS-3401 The History of Sexuality: Sex and Gender In Modernity 4 credits
WAGS-3417 Gender Studies Colloquium 4 credits
WAGS-3418 Women's Studies Colloquium 4 credits